The Goths have had many names and have acquired population from many ethnic sources. People under similar names were key elements of the Germanic migrations. Nevertheless they believed, and this belief is supported by the mainstream of scholarship, that the names derived from a single prehistoric ethnonym owned by a uniform culture of south Scandinavia in the mid-first millennium BC, the original “Goths”. People of a modern form of that name still live there.


Letter Translit. Compare Name IPA XML entity
𐌰 a Α ahsa / aza /a, aː/ 1 𐌰
𐌱 b Β bairkan / bercna /b, β/ 2 𐌱
𐌲 g Γ giba / geuua /ɡ, ŋ/ 3 𐌲
𐌳 d Δ dags / daaz /d, ð/ 4 𐌳
𐌴 e Ε aiƕus / eyz /e, eː/ 5 𐌴
𐌵 q Π qairþra (qairthra) / qertra /kʷ/ 6 𐌵
𐌶 z Ζ ezec /z/ 7 𐌶
𐌷 h H hagl / haal /h/ 8 𐌷
𐌸 þ, th Θ þiuþ (thiuth) / thyth /θ/ 9 𐌸
𐌹 i Ι eis / iiz /i, iː/ 10 𐌹
𐌺 k Κ kusma / chozma /k/ 20 𐌺
𐌻 l Λ lagus / laaz /l/ 30 𐌻
𐌼 m Μ manna /m/ 40 𐌼
𐌽 n Ν nauþs (nauths) / noicz /n/ 50 𐌽
𐌾 j jer / gaar /j/ 60 𐌾
𐌿 u urus / uraz /u, uː/ 70 𐌿
𐍀 p Π pairþra (pairthra) / pertra /p/ 80 𐍀
𐍁 Ϟ 90 𐍁
𐍂 r R raida / reda /r/ 100 𐍂
𐍃 s S sauil / sugil /s/ 200 𐍃
𐍄 t Τ teiws / tyz /t/ 300 𐍄
𐍅 w Υ winja / uuinne /w, y/ 400 𐍅
𐍆 f F faihu / fe /f/ 500 𐍆
𐍇 x Χ iggws / enguz /kʰ/ 600 𐍇
𐍈 ƕ, hw ƕair / uuaer /ʍ/ 700 𐍈
𐍉 o Ω oþal (othal) / utal /o, oː/ 800 𐍉
𐍊 Ϡ 900 𐍊

Agatha Purple


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