Vraja pentru a visa persoana pe care o iubesti

Pentru a fi eficienta vraja de mai jos trebuie sa stapanesti bine limba engleza…

In caz ca nu vrei sa folosesti vrajile altora, le poti face pe ale tale atata timp cat sunt concise, la obiect, fara divagari si cu o oarecare rima.

Succes 😉

Directions: Find something that symbolizes the person you want to dream of such as a photo, something they gave you, something they said to you written on paper, etc. Just before going to sleep recall your most favorite memories with them, then hold the object on your heart and chant:

With these treasured memories,
sweet dreams of you shall come to me.
The way you laugh, the way you smile,
my heart, it skips, it leaps a mile.
Your gentle breath, your tender touch,
I long for you, so very much.
Your lips so soft, your eyes so bright,
I need you on this lonely night.
Let me feel you, smell your scent,
taste your mouth, you’re heaven sent.
Close me in your warm embrace,
and make my heart begin to race.
Pull me ever closer, near,
tell me what I need to hear.
Fulfill my every earthly desire,
until my passion roars like fire.
As is my will, this shall be done,
my magick dream has now begun!

Put the object under your pillow after reading the chant and then go to sleep straight away! 🙂 Enjoy!

Agatha Purple

2 responses to “Vraja pentru a visa persoana pe care o iubesti

  1. Da-o naibi de treaba 😀

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